Enter this secure portal to see patient information...

Account information, records, appointments, and more!

Access to each patient's information is only permitted by providing a 'user name' and a 'password'. Approximately 24 hours after we have recorded your email address, which will then be your 'user name', we will email you a temporary password (you can change it once in the secure area; entering your user name and temporary password will open the 'door' to the information we have for you. If you have not received this email from us, or would like us to resend it, please contact us. Enter the portal by clicking on the image below.

Enter portal

Once you have gained access to the Patient's information pages, you can:

  • Change your password
  • Edit any of the personal account settings and information
  • See your current appointments
  • Review the status of your financial account
  • Look at your photographs and radiographs
  • Sign up for text and email appointment reminders
  • Refer a friend to our practice